About Us

About Us

We are a group of highly motivated people coming from different walks of professional world be it education, media, marketing or defense in order to form a system aimed to provide the best quality education to the students living in some of the remotest of the areas of the nation and help open a window of opportunities for the young minds to fly high and achieve their dreams.

We have been training and preparing teachers for different verticals of primary and secondary education. We have also been training students, for over a decade, for a vast spectra of courses including Engineering Entrance exams like IIT-JEE/AIEEE, Law Entrance Exams like CLAT, Management Entrance Exams like CAT, MAT, XAT etc. , Government Services Entrance Exams like IAS, PCS, SSC(Staff Selection Commission), Bank PO and many more. We are widely acclaimed and loved by students, parents and experts for our unique student centric approaches in order to help students achieve their dreams.
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Our Mission

By 2025, NMS Kamand envisions expanding its footprint across Uttarakhand, reaching and enriching the lives of students in even the most remote areas of the region. We aim to establish a network of educational institutions that serve as beacons of hope, opportunity, and excellence, ensuring that every child in Uttarakhand has access to quality education regardless of their geographical location.

Our Values

Driven by a commitment to equitable access, educational excellence, innovation, community engagement, empowerment, compassion, respect, and sustainability, NMS Kamand strives to provide quality school education to students residing in the most remote corners of Uttarakhand, while ambitiously aiming to expand its reach across the region by 2025.

Our Vision

At NMS Kamand, our mission is to provide quality school education to students living in the remotest areas of Uttarakhand. We are committed to bridging the gap in educational opportunities by establishing schools that are accessible, inclusive, and tailored to meet the unique needs of rural communities. Through innovative teaching methodologies, holistic curriculum, and personalized support, we empower our students to unlock their full potential, cultivate a lifelong love for learning, and become empowered individuals capable of positively shaping their own futures and contributing to the development of their communities and beyond.

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Unique Place Where The Magic Of Learning Starts.

Education method emphasizing independence, hands-on learning, and respect for a child’s natural development
Holistic approach integrating academics, arts, and practical skills to nurture imagination, creativity, and emotional intelligence.
Child-centered approach fostering inquiry-based learning, collaboration, and a strong emphasis on the environment as a learning tool.

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