Faculty and Staff

“The mediocre teacher tells,
The good teacher explains,
The superior teacher demonstrates,
The great teacher inspires”- William A. Wards
To ensure that your child interacts with the best possible teachers, our team includes highly qualified faculties having years of experience in training young students over different stages of education. All the faculties shall come to the school from Delhi itself and make sure that your child receives education of quality at par and may be beyond what is being delivered elsewhere in some of the finest schools of the country. The detailed profile of the academicians associated with us has been provided under the subsequent sections of the brochure.

We are not complete without YOU-the Parent

Every child begins life within a particular family. The child is raised and taught some fundamental principles in life, such as what is right and what is wrong, the kind of behavior that society approves of and those which society regards as anti-social. Thus children begin life in a home environment learning and being exposed to life principles. Gradually, as the child grows older it becomes an imperative for the child to meet persons in a different environment where formal education takes place.

This new environment is the school. At the beginning children have difficulties coping and accepting this “strange” place but they gradually begin to become accustomed to it. What is very important to note here is that discipline and learning which was initially and exclusively the responsibility of the parents, must now be shared between parents and teachers. The child begins to learn a lot of things and very new things, new ways of doing things and so forth.

Besides the teachers who have become a new phenomenon in the child’s life, other pupils or students play a role in the life of the child because of constant interaction and communication. This phenomenon sometimes brings confusing in the mind of the child. It is however a very important process because it is the only means by which a child can acquire formal education and training and gain financial independence in future. Teachers become the watch dogs and the regulators of the new way of life, helping the child to adapt to everything seemingly new for the child.

But because the parents always play the most important role in the life of the child, it becomes necessary and important to group the two main actors at this stage of the child’s life to work together in raising a complete human person.

Teachers are more involved in the academic work of the children and must see to their academic growth, strength and soundness. Parents are more or less active in this area. It becomes imperative therefore for parents and teacher to meet and discuss the academic development and performance of the children so as to enable the parents to participate by allowing them through discussions to appreciate the standard of learning imparted to the children, be able to understand the difficulties which some children face. Parents are able to the see the importance of following up their children at home because they know the particular difficulties which their children are encountering at school in every possible area including academic as well as non-academic fronts.

To facilitate this and to ensure that we together give our best to help our child prosper in every aspect, we organize regular one-to-one parent teacher interaction sessions.